From the creators of 99 Mary St, and design agency DED, - The Viewing Room (a-k-a T.V.R.) a contemporary art gallery with a focus on pop, urban and contemporary art, have found a new home. Heading up the the art department at Kommune, The Viewing Room, will showcase the works of established pop-art-idols the likes of Blake, Phillips, Denny, Huxley as well as exciting new works by local and international up-and-coming artists. The 1,000 sq. ft. gallery space will host many unique exhibitions, events, and workshops aimed to promote engagement with contemporary art. Unique in its format and aesthetic direction, the perfect proportions of The Viewing Room offers an uncluttered, fast paced and potent shot to the eyes.

Find T.V.R. at Kommune, Castle House, Angel St. Sheffield S3 8LN

Gallery Opening Times
Tue, Wed, Thur. 12 — 4
Fri. 12 — 6
Sat, Sun. 12 — 4
Mon. Closed


P. +44 (0)7595 220148

T.V.R. is the little sister of 99 Mary St.


House Sitter, a T.V.R. artist residency
coming soon. Enquire


Follow the fun. @TheViewing_Room