The Butterfly Man in Eastbourne-Homage to Damien Hirst

The Butterfly Man in Eastbourne-Homage to Damien Hirst



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 580 x 680mm

Paper Size: 750 x 830mm

Published: 2011

The Butterfly Man in Eastbourne- Homage to Damien Hirst signed limited edition silkscreen print with 24 colours and glazes by British pop art legend Sir Peter Blake, from his series Homage to Damien Hirst. These five silkscreen prints are a continuation of Blake’s Butterfly Man motif: a character who recurs in several of his collage series (Venice Suite, World Tour, Paris Quartet) as well as a tribute to his friend and inspiration Damien Hirst,

‘Damien Hirst has used butterflies a lot in his work, and it was pointed out that ‘the butterfly man’ owes more than a little to his work, so I was happy to dedicate him in homage to Damien. I am an enormous admirer of Damien’s work.’

Blake returns to home ground for the charming Butterfly Man in Eastbourne, revelling in the vintage glory of the British seaside holiday. No A-list celebs here, just a swarm of colourful butterflies being released onto the sea-front amongst an idealised group of Edwardian promenaders.

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