On The Beach

On The Beach



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 780 x 520mm

Paper Size: 958 x 712mm

Published: 2009

On the Beach signed limited edition silkscreen print by Sir Peter Blake, part of the The Classroom Suite .

CCA Galleries are delighted to announce the release of Sir Peter Blake's latest silkscreen release On The Beach. On The Beach is the first image in a series of four new silkscreen prints depicting different popular leisure activities: the circus, the aquarium and a parade.

Blake uses one of his favourite techniques to create the composition. He gathers visual material from varying sources such as Victorian postcards, old photographs, zoological illustrations, images from artworks or magazines, and arranges these over a simple background. This collage technique is one he also used to great effect in his recent Venice Suite, it gives the works a surreal twist and provides the viewer with a feast of detail for the eye. The use of these collaged elements also lends the work a witty and humorous twist.

On The Beach seeks to capture all the activities that we associate with a visit to the seaside: swimming, messing around in boats, fishing, paddling, sunbathing, donkey rides and so on. However, Blake contrasts these familiar ideas with unexpected images of African and Australian tribal life, or an erotic glimpse of the naked female form. The combination of retro imagery and a radical surrealistic composition makes On The Beach a truly modern piece.

The paper border has CCA publisher stamp embossed in bottom right hand corner (not shown). Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Signed and numbered by Sir Peter Blake. From a small limited edition of 100.

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