Marilyn Monroe, Black

Marilyn Monroe, Black



Edition Size: 175

Image Size: 430 x 660mm

Paper Size: 595 x 820mm

Published: 2009

Marilyn Monroe, Black signed limited edition silkscreen print with diamond dust by the Godfather of Pop Art Sir Peter Blake. Amongst a stable of images of Marilyn produced by Blake Marilyn Monroe, Black is one of the most powerful. Unusually for a composition inspired by his pop art period, black is the colour that dominates. Indeed the only relief from what would otherwise be an entirely monochromatic piece is a violet band underneath the triple images of the actress.

This silkscreen print is based on a 1990 original of the same name (photographs and enamel paint on wood) that Blake created for a series: In Homage to Marilyn Monroe. Blake has taken the opportunity in the silkscreen both to lighten the band of colour (which is a dark purple in the early work) and to add diamond dust to Marilyn's jewellery.

Blake's interest in Hollywood stars stems from the regular trips he would take to the cinema with his mother as a little boy. Blake positions himself in the role of admiring fan, this was emphasized in his early Pop paintings by the fact that photos of film or pop stars were glued onto hardwood panels that were brightly decorated in primary colours to resemble fragments of doors and walls. This technique evoked posters stuck on the bedroom walls of teenagers across the globe. A central theme throughout Blake's career has been that of the relationship between celebrity icon and passionate fan, each needing the other for sustenance.

Signed limited edition silkscreen print with up to 16 Colours, Diamond Dust and 1 High Gloss Glaze.

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