Another Parade

Another Parade



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 750 x 520mm

Paper Size: 958 x 712mm

Published: 2009

Another Parade signed limited edition silkscreen print by Sir Peter Blake, part of the The Classroom Suite .

The density of figures that populate Another Parade provides almost endless interest for the eyes, and also shows Blake's skill at marshalling his huge cast of characters. Finding a compositional balance in a picture space that contains figures and animals but absolutely nothing else; no reference points like buildings or trees, no sense of perspective, is extremely difficult. Blake differentiates between the participants of the parade and the watching crowd by suggesting a road/street surface with his use of a grey background. He also creates points of interest through his placing of coloured figures across the composition. This draws the eye to particular spots in the picture and stops the monochrome figures from merging into each other.

The paper border has CCA's publisher stamp embossed in bottom right hand corner (not shown). Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Print signed and numbered by Sir Peter Blake.

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