World Tour: Paris, Mugging

World Tour: Paris, Mugging



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 220 x 300mm

Paper Size: 372 x 494mm

Published: 2010

World Tour: Paris- Mugging signed limited edition silkscreen print with glazes by British artist Sir Peter Blake. Blake's take on the dangers of city life is rather comical, though we see poverty-stricken travellers in the background, our eye is primarily drawn by the punch and judy-esque arrest taking place in the foreground. Blake chooses to set his 'mugging' in front of the Paris Bourse (stock exchange) giving the whole image a new layer of meaning: the corruption of financial institutions and the evils of money.

Available individually as as part of the set of 10 World Tour images.

Edition of 100. Printed on 410gsm somerset tub sized paper. 24 colours. Gloss glaze.

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