World Tour: Paris, Duel Giant Pig

World Tour: Paris, Duel Giant Pig



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 220 x 300mm

Paper Size: 372 x 494mm

Published: 2010

World Tour: Paris- Duel, Giant Pig signed limited edition silkscreen print by pop artist Sir Peter Blake. In this the most bizarre and appealing of all the World Tour images Blake juxtaposes the Arc de Triomphe and a giant pig. Both can be seen as symbols of France; the Arc representing France's history and culture, the pig representing the French art of gastronomy. In front of the pig are placed a seemlingly disparate group of people that are in fact linked by a theme of childhood innocence, or the loss of it. The pair of duellists face each other, one armed with a musket, the other raising his hand in the shape of a gun-reminscent of childhood games. This feeling is reinforced by the group of young boys that shadow the combative pair. In the foreground we see Alexandre Dumas' man in the iron mask; a political prisoner ripped away from his mother as a baby, the poignancy of this reinforced by the proximity of the mother and child on the left.

Available individually as as part of the set of 10 World Tour images.

Edition of 100. Printed on 410gsm somerset tub sized paper. 24 colours. Gloss glaze.

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