World Tour: Nice, Promenade

World Tour: Nice, Promenade



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 220 x 300mm

Paper Size: 372 x 494mm

Published: 2010

World Tour; Nice-Promenade reflects the desire 'to see and be seen' at fahionable and glamourous locations such as Cannes along the French Riviera. To promenade is to stroll along the seafront taking in the breeze and the views. Blake takes this practice to a ridiculous level, creating a crowd that could be representative of the hurley burley of society at the height of the season, or the melee of the film festival. His inclusion of a trio of clowns in the foreground of the image may hint at the artist's own feelings towards the pretensions of this kind of society. Blake highlights a British soldier holding the union flag, perhaps making an ironic aside about the behaviour of 'brits abroad'.

Available individually as as part of the set of 10 World Tour images.

Edition of 100. Signed and numbered by the artist. Printed on 410gsm somerset tub sized paper. 24 colours. Gloss glaze.

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