World Tour: London, Regatta I

World Tour: London, Regatta I



Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 220 x 300mm

Paper Size: 372 x 494mm

Published: 2010

World Tour: London- Regatta I signed limited edition silkscreen print by British pop artist Sir Peter Blake. At first glance this image appears a little eery; giant bats circling the sky, echoing our expectations of the Tower of London. However on closer examination we see that Blake has balanced this feeling by introducing a touch of levity in the foreground, with his inclusion of a motley and faintly ridiculous crew assembled on the deck of a ship, including oversized penguins, knights of the round table and sight-seeing sailors. Blake's recurring use of birds in the image is perhaps a reference to the famous ravens of the Tower. The plethora of boats on the river hint at a military force about to take on the defensive might of this London landmark, whilst also reminding us of all the prisoners who arrived at the tower by boat or royal barge.

Available individually as as part of the set of 10 World Tour images.

Edition of 100. Printed on 410gsm somerset tub sized paper. 24 colours. Gloss glaze.

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