Edition Size: 100

Image Size: 750 x 520mm

Paper Size: 958 x 712mm

Published: 2009

Circus signed limited edition silkscreen print by British Pop Art master Sir Peter Blake, part of the The Classroom Suite .

The Circus has been a major subject for Blake's art; he made a circus poster as early as 1949 and some of his earliest collages of the 1950s were based on the theme. Here Blake revisits those early works (such as Jockey Act and Bird Act from 1957), we can see the same use of a double-coloured line to represent the wall between crowd and performance arena, and the same use of collaged illustrated-figures to make up the crowd. This pattern of subject matter recurring allows us to track the impact Blake's changing perspective as he ages, his investigation of new techniques and stylistic solutions.

The paper border has CCA's publisher stamp embossed in bottom right hand corner (not shown). Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Print signed and numbered by Sir Peter Blake.

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