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750 x 750mm
10 colour screenprint
Signed and numbered
Edition 50

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Wallflowers is Heath’s most recent collection. The idea came while sitting in a restaurant in a small village in Italy last summer where there was an old still life painting of flowers on the wall. Heath sat for what he describes as hours looking at this tired old painting, whilst imagining himself graffiting over it, bringing it back to life. On his arrival back to the UK he had the idea of juxtaposing the old with new.

Now with a hindsight though he wonders if his reaction was a product of our times. And sparked the idea for this exhibition.

We live in a world of Botox and airbrushing where we want

to give the impression that nothing or no one ages. Lips, tits, asses, eyebrows - everything is now bigger and brasher. We

no longer accept the inevitable, especially if you can

manipulate appearance.